January 05, 2008

A First Session with A_

Digital original
A friend of Nicole's (who in turn is a friend of Miranda's), N_ approached me about making some indoor Nudes for her boyfriend; she didn't want to be recognizable however, so the entire session was coloured by that request.
Digital infrared original
With such a specific request (photos for a partner) I felt quite challenged; usually I just see where a session goes on its own, but with N_, I specifically made images that focused upon her natural body language, stance and poise. Essentially the goal was to make an image of her that her boyfriend would instantly recognize, even without her face.
Digital infrared original
Towards the end of the session, I felt I'd made a good many images that would suit N_'s needs, so I asked if we could do some more abstract/bodyscape images - the strongest of which is above.

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