February 27, 2008

A Studio Session with L_

Digital infrared original
I have worked with L_ a for almost a decade, and still manage to make images of her that fill me with delight - there’s such an energy that comes from her, and it is always a delight when that comes across in an image.
Digital infrared original
I've always found the studio challenging to work in; it is essentially an empty room waiting for light and a subject. As such, the easiest, and most obvious approach for me is to work with portraiture - the empty room permits (and essentially requires) all the attention to be focused on the model, and reinforces the connection between the photographer and subject.
Digital infrared original
Though we did some experimentation with more body-oriented compositions, it was always the portraits that really worked, so in the end, for all that we tried to push the session in other directions, it was ultimately a great portrait session with a lovely model.

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