February 28, 2008

A Second Session working with Flowers in Ice

Digital original
One of the burning questions about the flowers frozen in ice is what causes the bubbled; some of the attempts at freezing just end up clouds of white...fortunately the above block of ice surrounding a yellow flower showed enough of the subject to be usable.
Digital original, 3 frame stitch
I was just beginning to work on the above composition when the block of ice (a fairly large one, with 5 flowers encased in it) cracked and fractured...not enough to fall apart, but certainly a big enough crack to show in the resulting image. In some ways, this process reminds me of working with river - you can see the general flow, but when it comes to making images, nothing is predictable.
Digital original, 5 frame stitch
While working on it, I wasn't sure if the 5 frame stitch would work with this group of flowers; moving the camera for each composition in the stitch leads to some change in the camera's point of view, which can make the stitch challenging to assemble. Fortunately, it didn't present any issue at all, and yielded one of my favorite images of this subject to date.

This image was included in the 2010 exhibition `Frozen Light` which was displayed at ViewPoint Gallery, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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