October 02, 2007

A Fall Session with Jenn & Kayla (Noonan, New Brunswick)

Digital infrared original
Though we’d planned on an outdoor session, it ended up being very late in the afternoon before we started headed out, and the light was fading fast. I don't know the area around Fredericton very well, so had to rely upon the models for guidance. After a short drive, we found ourselves descending into a deep valley in a forest, where we started to work in the leaf-covered forest floor.
Digital original, 11 frame stitch
The mix of the fall colours and still-green ferns around the model was just lovely; usually I focus on line, shape and form when I am photographing, but I am slowly learning to be sensitive to colours, and in this case, I knew the image would be in colour from the creation - it was too rich to give up.
Digital original
This image was from the very end of the session; Jenn was willing to model for a couple of poses in the small stream running through the woods, but the water was moving so slowly that there was very little evidence of motion, even with an 8 second exposure.

This image was featured in the 2008 exhibition Memory of Water.

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