October 02, 2007

A Demo with Kayla (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

For the last couple of years, every winter I do a talk and demo on photographing the Nude for the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, in Fredericton. This year, Kayla agreed to be my demo model, and in front of the second year students we worked in a new space (to me) which had lovely large windows, which were perfect to work with.

Digital infrared original
I began the demonstration with some window portraits, using the window light to create some drama on Kayla's face, and play up the lines and curves of her figure. I could have worked with that space for hours, but only had 30 minutes to walk through the entire process.
Digital original
For the second half of the session, I put down the white sheets I've been using for years, and photographed Kayla lying on the floor below the windows; the light was softer (diffused through a sheet pinned over the windows) and the prone pose lead to more languid, relaxed poses.

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