October 22, 2007

A Fall Session with Ingrid (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Since we started working together in 1998, Ingrid and I have pretty regularly planned to work with fall colours, only to find our schedules and the weather almost always conspire to defeat us. On this late October day however, everything came together, and we headed out on a warm, sunny far afternoon, to make what images we could.
Digital original

The best part of working so late in the year is that even direct sunlight can be worked with. It is true that in this case, it was being filtered through fall trees, but regardless, the brilliant golden highlights on Ingrid's hair are what make this image say Autumn for me.
Digital original
As soon as I saw these brightly coloured leaves against Ingrid‘s belly, I knew I would focus on this as a composition - and as I explored the possibilities, the lines of Ingrid’s legs provided the perfect way to exit the frame. This image is very much a companion to another composition made in the same space.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
As it turned out, we were about a week too late for the best of the fall colours, so many of the images we made about the light, as opposed to the colours. As we were starting to plan to pack up and leave however, Ingrid was posing by a rock when she arched back - I caught a glimpse of the pose, and immediately asked her to hold it - and then i made the above image.

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