August 22, 2006

Christine & Elisabeth at Pennant Point

Digital original
Christine and I had made arrangements to work together on this particular Sunday, and as I knew Lisa was also available that day, I asked Christine if she would mind a second model coming along; she had no problem with the company, so just after lunch, the three of us set out on a bright and sunny day. Because of the relentless sunlight, I opted to head to Pennant Point, where the rock faces on the shoreline would provide us with some shelter from the harsh sunlight.
Digital infrared original
I spent most of the session alternating between the two models, working with Christine for a while, and then switching to working with Lisa. This gave each model a chance to be the focus of the images and also gave each time to just hang out, relaxing on the coast line (and keeping an eye out for the next location in which they'd like to model).
Digital infrared original
This being said, I had the added advantage of being able to call upon the second model for any spaces that called out for a second body. Whenever this occurred, I completed the first image (with only one model) and then would call upon the other model, let them see from the camera position what I was looking for in the composition, and then ask them to explore the possibilities. More often than not, the final pose and composition was an evolution of my initial idea (as often models can find an even stronger pose through their own investigation of the space).
Digital infrared original, 6 frame image blend, 32 frame stitch
Overall, the afternoon at the coast was a pleasure, with the two model and I working our way along more than a kilometer of shoreline before we ran out of time and had to head back. For the most part, we followed my initial plan and kept to working in the shadows thrown by the high granite rocks, but that being said, from time to time we worked with direct sunlight, just to throw some variation into the mix.

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