August 13, 2006

Ingrid & Natasha at the Coast

Early August marked my return to Halifax, after three years of living in Moncton (it is a wonderful thing to be able to move home, as opposed to move away). It also put me arriving back in Halifax only a handful of days before Miles (who helped me make the striking Rivergod I and Rivergod II images), would be leaving to pursue his PhD. Miles has grown into a great friend over years since we first met, and has introduced me to some of the most important models to my evolution photographically, including both Ingrid and Victoria.
Digital infrared original
So, with his impending departure in the winds, Miles proposed to mark his leaving in a similar what to how we met in 1998 - by going to Pennant Point with Ingrid (and this time, Natasha as well) to photograph for the afternoon. The session wouldn't be as long as the one nine years earlier (Miles still had packing to do), but over the couple of hours we spent at the coast, I not only was able to make some striking Nudes (including my favorite image of Ingrid for the year), but also some portraits, both of Ingrid (clothed!), but also of Miles and Natasha.
Digital infrared original
The session began with a series of nudes, working with Ingrid, and Ingrid and Natasha together; the day was bright and sunny, so I opted to work in the shade cast by the granite bedrock along the coast. From these images came a photograph of Ingrid sitting on a rock ledge, head arched back. The simplicity of this image belies the strength and impact I feel every time I look at it. The pale skin tones (due, in part, from the image being made in infrared) are set against dark granite, making the figure leap forward from the surroundings.

After the figure portion of the session was over, and people were packing up to leave, began making a number of portraits, first of Ingrid, and then Miles and Natasha. I seldom show my portraiture work online, as it is seldom germain to my fine art photography, but in this case, all the subjects are central to what I do, and the images celebrate them in a very different context from the Nudes which I have made of each of them.
Digital infrared original, 46 frame stitch
By the end of the afternoon, I'd had the chance to hang out with good friends, make a number of very pleasing images, and produce some portraits that are among my best of these highly photographed friends. All in all, a great way to mark a friend's departure for higher learning!

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