June 07, 2004

Two Models Pose Together

The final session of my Halifax visit was indoors; when I'd worked with Bobbi on Friday, she'd asked if I'd be interested in working in an apartment she knew of - she'd heard me bemoaning my lack of indoor spaces to shoot in and thought this might be an option. I replied that any space was good to know about and that I'd certainly be interested in the space if the weather turned uncooperative or wet during the weekend.
Digital original
As it turned out, Monday was threatening rain, so rather then cancelling the session with Bobbi and Kylie, I opted to take Bobbi up on her offer of a workspace. Thanks to her thoughtfulness, we began the last session before driving back to Moncton. Though it was threatening to rain, the light wasn't too bad: with patience and good tripods, there was never an image I wanted to make that had to be abandoned for lack of light. We began with a series of image on a chair, and then a couch; these worked but, in some ways, seemed to similar to the images I'd made with Kylie and Miranda in March so I quickly changed things around and moved to other spaces.

On the back side of the house were double-deck doors, letting in some beautiful soft light. With the models standing beside the doors, but far enough from them to prevent the frame from being in the image, some incredible side-lighting presented itself. I had initially thought of this space for standing portraits but after I finished those, I asked both of the models to work the space - the results were very striking - similar to the best two-model images I have made in the studio.
Digital original
After working by the deck-doors, I shifted my attention to the most unique feature of the apartment - the white fireplace lintel. It took some work and some careful balancing but eventually both models worked on the narrow shelf, with the final image of Kylie being the strongest in composition and the use of the space.

As the session began to draw to a close (one difference between working close to home and far away is that now sessions often come to a close because of my schedule, as opposed to the models), we shifted rooms totally, and moved onto the bed in a smaller side room. Here the light was even lower than in the main apartment but the more comfortable, intimate setting was a refreshing change after lengthy standing poses and the hard wood of the lintel.
Digital original
Overall the session was quite successful - it it hadn't been for Bobbi's offer of a space to work, it would have been hit and miss with the weather. We made a wide variety of images, working with a number of very different settings in a quite small space.

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