June 04, 2004

A Pair of Models in a Ruin

8"x10" film
We started working with the most obvious element, the curve of the front wall of the emplacement; this was where the doors shielding the searchlight originally were mounted. Most of these are now either missing or rusted into place, but the beautiful curve in the concrete, and the metal tracks still remain. It took a couple of minutes for Bobbi and Miranda to find a pose that worked with the space but, once they were in position, the entire image came together and was made quite quickly.
8"x10" film
With the image of the two models together, we had to carefully wait until the sun moved enough to be out of the composition; Bobbi had already made several very successful images balanced on the top of the ladder; the addition of Miranda's form to the lower left of the image balanced out the composition beautifully.
8"x10" film
The final image of the session, made in front of the building, was actually rather hard to make, given the loose rocks and dirt that Bobbi had to crouch on to hold the pose.

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