June 30, 2004

Bobbi & Miranda at Hillsborough

Bobbi and Miranda's visit to Moncton presented me with the opportunity to really focus on working in my new surroundings. Because of my comfort and familiarity with Nova Scotia, my tendency to fill all my possible time in that province with photography has been effective, leading to some very strong new images but it is New Brunswick where most of my time is being spent, so it only makes sense that, over time, most of my images will be made here.
8"x10" film
All that being said, my list of spaces I know of in New Brunswick in which I can work with models is quite limited; I'd already worked at the Gypsum towers in Hillsborough with Ingrid, but thought the space had untapped potentials. Rather than revisit the interior, however, I opted to work with the outside of the towers, concentrating on the lines and form of the silos, and placing the models against them.
Digital original
It is often interesting, once a model has some experience behind them, to see what they come up with as poses if left to their own devices. With the silo, there were a couple of obvious spaces that the models gravitated towards and, with a little tweaking from behind the camera, each one yielded a number of good compositions. Working with models is certainly a collaboration but the more experienced the model, the stronger the collaborative element. This session really was a dance between the models' suggestions, my refining of the poses,my suggestions and the models' explorations of the possibilities.
Digital original

I'd intended the silo session to be short, more of a pit-stop on our way to the Fundy Coast than a full day session, but it ended even before I'd run out of ideas - the weather shifted and a light rain began to fall, forcing us to run for the car. Once we got the large format equipment into the car, however, the rain abated. As we paused, the wind came up and whipped through Miranda's hair. I asked if, before we headed off for the next space, we could do some portraits with the wind moving the hair. So we paused long enough for a few quick portraits to be made before the real rain began to fall.

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