June 06, 2004

A Session about Expectations

Digital original
I find it a little ironic that, after a handful of months working on one pregnancy series, I received an e-mail from Lynn-Marie letting me know she was expecting and asking if I'd be interested in working with her on a series of pregnancy nudes.
Digital original
Probably the hardest thing about the session was the light; with very few clouds in the sky, every image was a struggle to compose without the harsh shadows breaking down the composition or creating inky black shadows. All in all, I was actually impressed with the ability of the digital camera to record the broad contrast of the setting (the light sand was acting as a reflector for many of the images but the contrast was still pretty extreme).
Digital original
Because of the smaller camera, I could work more spontaneously than I tend to when I have both cameras with me. This, combined with a Sigma 12-24mm zoom lens I was testing for the weekend, led to some very dramatic images working with both the lines of the model and the clouds in the sky.

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