May 25, 2004

Three Models Indoors in Moncton

Digital original
After the first, short session with Bobbi a week before, both she and I were keen to have another chance to work together. As it would happen, Kylie was considering coming to Moncton to model for a day, and offered to give Bobbi a ride up as well. She had already worked with Miranda, and was quite keen about having a second model on the session. As it would happen, the night before the session, Kylie asked if a friend of hers, Helene, would also be welcome. Helene hadn't modeled before, but was interesting in coming along and perhaps in modeling. I indicated that it wouldn't be a problem and by late morning, the three women had arrived and, after looking at prints and discussing the process with Helene, we started working.
Digital original
The real hope for the day had been to work outdoors, but after a weekend of threatening, it was finally raining, so we had to work indoors. The session had some elements of the New Year's Day session, with Elisabeth, Krista and L_, but in other ways it was very different. For that session, all three of the models knew each other well, and had experience modeling nude. For this session, it was only Bobbi's second time modeling nude, and while Kylie and Helene were good friends, Helene had never modeled nude at all. This made for an interesting dynamic that became in some ways the focus of the session.
Digital original
I spent most of the session working with bodyscapes - abstracts formed by the repeating lines of the model's bodies. This is by far the easiest way to make images of three models - with two, I have a tendency to focus on portraits, but with the chaos that three models bring (conversations, jokes and general comradely), it is best to focus on something more abstract, and leave portraits to quieter sessions.

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