May 16, 2004

Carol's Pregnancy Continues

Digital Original
The second session of the pregnancy documentary sessions was quite similar to the first, though this time I was prepared for some of the odd qualities of the project.
Digital Original
The first time we'd worked together, I had been quite surprised by the difference of working deliberately on a long term project, and the process of making images in the here-and-now. With this session, both because I could see the subtle changes of the pregnancy, and because I was specifically working to create particular images, I was much better adjusted to the workflow.
Digital Original
Something I learned years ago was never to try to recreate an image - there are time when through technical or personal error, images have been lost, but it is so much of an effort to recreate an image later, and so much of the spontaneity is lost, that it is seldom worth it. With the pregnancy series however, as the whole focus of the process is the repetition of the pose, the time and effort is the focus of the image, not a barrier to it.

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