May 09, 2004

Exploring New Brunswick

Digital original
My second day exploring New Brunswick was spent on the other coast, driving with a couple of other photographer friends and exploring the dunes and coastline of the Northumberland Straight - a flat and featureless landscape that is far more foreign than that of southern New Brunswick. .
Digital original
We spent some time on the Bouchtouche Dunes in the heart of Acadie, which is a protected parkland in the form of a long spit of sand stretching for several miles along the coast. There is more than a mile of boardwalk along the beach, permitting easy access to the first 1/4 of the dunes and giving a higher platform to look at the ocean from. Truth be told, as nice as it was to view the park from the boardwalk, I was far happier walking along the beach, and seeing the wind blow the sand across the shoreline.
Digital original
I hope to someday be able to spend more time there (with or without a model) but the high winds we encountered might prove an issue with the larger camera - just as the blowing sand might prove a problem with the digital. If this space could be used it remains to be seen, but the visit certainly allowed me a chance to enjoy one of the more spectacular sights New Brunswick has to offer.

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