January 02, 1999

1999's First Session (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm infrared film
Sarah and I have known each other since the mid 1980s, having gone to the same high school together. Though she only began modeling for me shortly before she left Halifax, Sarah helped me create a number of strong photos. As soon as I received word that Sarah would be in town on New Year's Day, I hoped we'd have the opportunity to make some images together again. After a wonderful reunion lunch and some time catching up on the last five years of each others lives, we set out on a snowy afternoon to spend a couple of hours in the studio.
35mm infrared film
Previously when Sarah and I had worked together, it had been either outdoors or by available light. Since the fall of 1998, I have had the opportunity to use a fully equipped commercial lighting studio, so Sarah  and I worked in this space,  making her first studio images.
35mm infrared film
The most successful nudes of the session were both made on infra-red film, taking advantage of the extreme distortion offered by wide angle lenses. Take a cue from an image I made of Megan last January, I sought to create bodyscapes which provoked the viewer into changing their understanding of the body as a physical space.

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