December 24, 1998

1998's Final Session (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

6x6 cm film
Though Michelle and I had worked outdoors together a couple of times this year, this was our first opportunity to work together exclusively (without other models around). Being late December, and outdoor session wasn't an option, so we went into the studio.
6x6 cm infrared film
As Michelle hadn't posed in a studio before, I didn't bring any view cameras, instead spending the session working with a classic Hasselblad 500c/m and a portrait lens. The simpler approach permitted us both to work swiftly, and fostered a spontaneity and energy to the session which paid of in both volume and success.
6x6 cm film
It is no accident that this session focused almost elusively on portrait images; Michelle's presence in front of the camera drew the eye to her face, and I made the most of that strength throughout this session.

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