January 27, 1999

A Second Indoor Session with Cheryl (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm transparency film
The image above is one of my favourite colour images ever - the dynamism which comes from the upward sweep of Cheryl 's leg, in tandem with the brilliant white above, creates a very successful photo.  The strong perspective comes from working with a 35mm camera and a 24mm lens in close quarters, which is a technique I have used extensively with infra-red film. The vast majority of my work with the Nude is in black and white, but this photograph gains much from being in colour - the warmth of Cheryl 's body against the sheets and blanket makes the image stronger still.
35mm transparency film
The second available light session with Cheryl  was vastly different from the first. Where before the light was cold and blue, and only barely bright enough to work without a tripod, this session was full of warm, bright sunlight. In order to avoid the harsh shadows inherent in direct sunlight, I  hung a sheet over the front window, which diffused the light wonderfully, while still providing a rich warmth to the room.
4"x5" film
The other two images displayed here both draw upon the large, diffused light of the sheet-covered window. The lovely quality of light which this provides is hard to reproduce in a studio, so it was a joy to work while the light remained. A softbox, my favourite light source in a studio, approximates this lighting, but lacks in comparison to the real thing. Cheryl  and I finished the afternoon working up close to the window, taking advantage of the wealth of natural light.

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