March 13, 2019

Ingrid and Miranda in the Studio (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

After the outdoor snow image, the other pregnancy photograph Miranda specifically asked me to help her realize was an image of her with Ingrid. The two have posed together for me 20 times since 2003 (including traveling with me to Scotland in 2008), so there was no issue in comfort with the two women, and I was particularly keen, as I felt there was real potential for something striking to be created.
Digital Infrared Original
While I was in a photographic studio, as opposed to using studio lights, I opted to work with simple window light - but took advantage of the large room we were in to create the illusion of space. The first set of images worked with Miranda closer to me than the window - providing rim-lighting on her body, and Ingrid set back from Miranda (to both address their height differential, and provide different light on her figure in the back). The resulting images are really pleasing, with a polished, minimalist feel, and some grace, injected by the delicate lines of Ingrid's hand on her hip.
Digital infrared orginal
The real potential of the session, however, came as I worked on variations on the initial post - I asked Ingrid and Miranda to move towards and away from me - watching how the light fell across their bodies. At a point, Ingrid's mastectomy scar (which is now quite subtle, three years post-op) became even more delicate in presentation - and I knew I could make the image I had desired - a photograph celebrating both Miranda's pregnancy, and Ingrid's victory over breast cancer. I carefully positioned Miranda so the lines of her belly and Ingrid's figure behind came together, and the above photograph was born. I seldom title images outside of exhibitions, but this photography, from the moment it was created, had a title. "Passages"
Digital infrared original
The final set of focused image revoked around celebrating Miranda's pregnancy - statuesque poses and compositions celebrating volume and form. The window light proved just as beautiful for this series, and lead to a number of lovely photographs, including this one (above).
Digital infrared originaal
The last images (above) was a gift from the genie in the room (as my friend Steve Richard would say); as we were working, Miranda's hair, which had been tucked back, cascaded forward, falling across her breast, and in a line down her belly. A quick adjustment of a reflector, to provide some definition to her back and hands, and this image was born.

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