March 13, 2017

A Pregnancy Session with Lavender (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
I first worked with Lavender in 2007, and we have worked together numerous times since then, so when she let me know she was pregnant, and expecting in the spring, I enthusiastically offered to document the pregnancy as she wished. While this ended up being a single session, it was still great to have the chance to continue working with her, and help to document such a magical time in her life.
Digital original
We worked in what would shortly become her child's nursery, taking advantage of the room's newly painted walls, and lovely natural light. After an opening series of images of Lavender posing on the bed, I moved it out of the way, and worked with the window light and large empty wall beside it. I really loved how the window cast a soft shadow on the wall, and focused the composition around this.
Digital original
The last set of images I made were focused on Lavender's belly, and her hands. This has always been something I have enjoyed photographing, and in this setting, with such wonderful side light, it worked out perfect.

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