March 11, 2017

Photo 101 Field Trip (Downtown Halifax)

Digital original
The primary focus of this field trip was working with urban scenes and architecture, and as such, I spent the entire session working with my ultra-wide lens, photographing the buildings in downtown Halifax. I particularly like this first image, with the monument to fallen peace officers being dwarfed by the bank buildings across the street.
Digital original, 2 image stitch

I am not a fan of most modern/new architecture - and the new Halifax Convention Centre is no exception to this; I have watched it being built over the past two years, and have no affection or appreciation for its form. That being said, with the right sky, and some dramatic shifting on my 17mm TS-E lens, I was able to make an image which at least makes the most of what I am not impressed it...the title of this image is "Stabbing the Sky".
Digital original
The final image here is one of my more successful images of the new Halifax City Library; I have made many images of the entire structure, but on this afternoon, I caught a glimpse across Spring Garden road of the building behind a tree, and was drawn to the graphic quality of the sight.

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