January 01, 2017

Annual New Year's Day Trip (Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia)

Digital Original
Since 2008, I have spent almost every afternoon of New Year's day at Peggy's cove, photographing the first light of the New Year with any and all photographers who wish to join me. This year was mild and snow-less, which meant I focused on the ocean, and water pools, where usually I am seeking out ice.
Digital original, 7 image exposure blend
Overall, I prefer when winter photography focused on...well, winter - this afternoon of photograph was little different from what I would do during the summer...except it was quite chilly.
Digital original, 2 image stitch
The best photographs of the day were actually made on the way home - a large lake by the side of the highway had a thin sheet of water over the ice, which perfectly reflected the sky and landscape around it.

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