October 21, 2016

Architecture Experiments (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
One of the challenges I've been trying to work through is how to deal with my lack of attraction to modern/new architecture; I have such a love for the Gothic/medieval period that anything remotely new just isn't of interest. Yet I live in a city where the oldest structure is from 1749. So I have begin to experiment with abstracting architecture, in an attempt to celebrate what I like, without having to focus on what I don't.
Digital original
My early experiments are successful, to a degree - I made long-exposure motion-blurred images of a new apartment building, and then experimented with post production techniques mirroring and blended images together, to further abstract the subject.
Digital original
In the end, I am not certain it does what I am looking for, but I do think it is visually successful, and worth continuing to experiment with. Will it become a major new direction, and solve my frustration, I cannot say, but it is, at the very least, not a total failure. 

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