January 14, 2017

Winter, Water & Ice Field Trip #1 (Frog Pond, Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The first field trip of the Winter, Water & Ice series of 2017 presented an interesting challenge. While the days have been well below freezing, there has been no snow, so the field trip had to be focused on the small amount of ice formed by splash-water along side a small stream.
Digital original
Fortunately, as a result of a short scouting trip the day before, I was able to print the students to a number of spaces at Frog Pond with significant patches of ice, and while it was small and localized, it did have lots of potential for macro ice images.
Digital original
In the end, while the intent of the field trip was to focus on combining moving water and ice in images, I spent most of my time focused on ice along, enjoying the play of light on the surface.

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