July 03, 2014

Ireland XXIII (The Burren to Kilmacduagh Monastery, Ireland)

Digital original

One of my main reasons for choosing the accommodation location for the third week of the trip was its closeness to the the Burren; the irony of course was that during the third week, a grand total of 1 day was spent exploring it. If I ever return to Ireland, this oversight will be corrected.
Digital original
During a stop in Doolin to visit local shops, I drove out to the pier and went out to photograph the wind-whipped shore. As I got out of the car, I saw this crow having a hard time keeping on the wire...an indicator of just how windy it was.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
It actually took two visits to the Poulnabrone dolme to make this image; the first was just too wet to facilitate quality photographs (the wind was as much an issue as the rain), but on the drive back through the area, a second stop provided the perfect opportunity to revist the subject.
Digital original
On the way back from the Burren, quite by accident, we came across Kilmacduagh Monastery, and just had to stop. Sadly, the site was closed for the day, so there was no possibility of photographing within the ruin, but it was quite beautiful to photograph all the same.

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