July 02, 2014

Ireland XXII (Quin Abbey to Clare Abbey, Ireland)

Digital original, 4 frame stitch
The first destination for the day was Quin Abbey, which turned out to be a complete disappointment; the OPW (The Office of Public Works) employee at the entrance wouldn't let me in with "that big camera", which was ironic as other OPW sites were totally welcoming, and accommodating. So all I manged to create at Quin was a couple of distant images like this, and a few details of the outside, made as I walked around the building.
Digital original
The real focus of this day was a visit to Limerick, which began with a visit to King John's Castle. A richly interpreted site, I photographed as I walked through the castle, but it was this image of the outside, made as I was walking across a bridge, that tells the best story of the building.
Digital original
I was immediately drawn to this storefront in central Limerick; something about the contrast of the bright highlights on the black painted wood an metal really appealed to me.
Digital original
On the way home from Limerick, a stop was made in Ennis, to visit the remains of Clare Abbey.

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