July 04, 2014

XXIV (Connemara to Aughnanure Castle, Ireland)

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One of the best parts of this day was a visit with two horses; we'd taken a wrong turn, and were returning to the main road, when I saw a beautiful horse in a field; thinking I'd get a good photo or two, I pulled the car off the road, and got out...twenty minutes later after lots of nose-patting and grass-pulling, we finally said goodby to these two wonderfully social beasties.
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The drive through Connemara is freqently within sight of low, rolling mountains...in this case, I photographed them from a peat bog, complete with cut turf drying in the sun.
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The last location visited on this day was Aughnanure Castle, on the way back south. A fine example of an Irish castle, it is a blend of a fortified tower and castle grounds.

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