May 31, 2011

Tanis II

Digital infrared original
After we finished up in the grasses by the river, at a loss for other spaces to head to, I took Tanis to an old dilapidated church I'd photographed in years ago. To my surprise (and dismay) the building was in much worse condition, with the roof more or less collapsed into the centre of the structure. Tanis responded to the ruin however, so we began by making some photos in the doorway, taking advantage of the soft, directional light that provided.
Digital infrared original
After some careful testing on my part, we moved into the building, and Tanis worked out some poses taking advantage of the fallen roof. Some of the poses were more dynamic than the above composition, but there is something about the pose which makes this version the most graceful. When I was making it, I had some concerns about the over exposed background (being sun-lit woods), but in the final result, it becomes a simple explosion of light which works well with the rest of the composition.
Digital original
The last images of the session were a series of portraits made against the outside of the old church; the light was incredibly green, we were surrounded by woods and grass, but ultimately that balanced well against Tanis' fair colouring, freckles and red hair.

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