May 31, 2011

Tanis I

Digital original
I'd first met with Tanis to talk about working together months ago, but it was only now that the weather was warm enough, and our schedules aligned, that we got a chance to work together. After meeting in Wolfville, we headed off into the surrounding landscape, to find a location to start working in.
Digital infrared original
A distinct disadvantage to working far from home (Tanis lives an hour from Halifax) is the lack of local knowledge. In the end, we just parked in a convenient spot, and walked out into a field, in hopes we'd find some locations to photograph in. As it turned out, the field was rimed by a  dyke, holding back a tidal rive, and on the far side of the dyke, along side the river, was a patch of grass out of sight from the road behind, and in perfect light.
Digital infrared original
For all the at the location worked for privacy and light, it was a little challenging in terms of posing; with only grass, and a rather deep looking river to work with, there wasn't much for Tanis to do except, as she put it, "Stand and look beautiful". Fortunately, that worked well with the light, and we began the day with some really pleasing photographs.

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