October 26, 2008

A Portrait Session

Digital original
I don’t show a lot of clothed portraits on my site, simply because I don’t really see the universal appeal of them to strangers…where pretty much anyone can relate to an image of a body (as we all have them), a portrait is a different matter, unless there person is famous, or the image unique. 
Digital original
That being said, when Jessica and Ryan said they'd be up for some couple portraits, I took them up on the offer, both because it's always nice to work with friends, and because I knew I could use the results for examples in portrait courses and classes.
Digital original
The last image set was the most enjoyable to make - by this time the light had dropped, and I was able to get some longer exposures, to blur the harbour waves behind the couple; this did mean they had to stay still for two seconds at a time, which proved to be a little challenging.

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