October 14, 2008

A Night Session at Peggy's Cove

Digital original
The only hint that this is a night image are the tiny streaked stars in the sky (near the right edge). Lit by a moon diffused by thin high cloud, it has much the same appearance as a daytime image...though the very long exposure did make some things look different.
Digital original
With the moon behind clouds, it turned into a wonderful glow in the sky, over the long exposure necessary to view the rest of the scene (the image was made at 2am).
Digital original
Though it was challenging to compose (I couldn't see the rocks to focus on them, or ensure they were within the frame), the effort I put into making this image really paid off. Photographed well after sunset, the long exposure required due to the low light levels helped blur the gently breaking ocean into a sea of muted whites.

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