October 29, 2008

A Claw Footed Bathtub

Digital original
When Nicole told me her apartment had a claw footed bathtub, I immediately asked her if she'd be interested in modeling in it; a week later, I was trying to fit my camera gear into the smallest bathroom I have seen in ages. Fortunately, for portraits at least, the close quarters were not an issue.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
When I shifted to try to make images of the entire tub, with Nicole in it, thingsbecame more interesting; there was so little room that I had my tripod half on the sink, and was even then, I had to stitch together two wide angle images to get everything into the composition. The effort was worth it however, as this is my favorite photograph from the session.
Digital original, 3 image stitch
At the end of the session, Nicole's boyfriend joined her for a small set of images; the bath wasn't built for two, so posing options were limited, but the two of them were more than patient as I worked with them to find something that worked.

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