January 02, 2008

Mia's First Indoor Session

Digital; infrared original
Mia contacted me about modeling by e-mail, and in short order, plans were made; though she lives on the west coast, her family is still in Halifax, and she visits from time to time. As it was snowy and cold outside, we began our first session indoors, working with the brilliant afternoon light that flooded into my apartment from the snow field outside my window!
Digital; infrared original
Almost the entire session focused on bodyscape images; as we had never worked together before, Mia was uncertain about how she felt about being identifiable, so the work during this session was kept anonymous, focused on line, shape and form, more than individuality.
Digital; infrared original
As the afternoon moved on, the sun moved lower and lower in the sky, until it fell directly upon the wall of my apartment; after working for much of the session with diffused light, we finished off with a set of photographs of Mia working directly in the evening sun.

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