May 29, 2007

Ingrid Poses on the Glacial Barrens

I have worked with the glacial barrens of Nova Scotia for over a decade now, and still never fail to find inspiration. This session was dominated by bright sunlight (sadly, the wealth of clouds in the background stayed there for most of the session, while the sun, which was over the ocean, remained unobscured).
Digital infrared original, 12 frame stitch
As we were walking out to the shore, I noticed a large glacial erratic in a flat bed of scrub, and asked Ingrid if she could work with it; moments later she was on top of the granite bolder. Over five minutes or so, we made a number of different images working with a variety of lenses, but the above image, using a longer lens and 12 frames, is the obvious winner.
Digital infrared original
I have worked with Ingrid for a decade along the Atlantic shores of Nova Scotia, and yet we continually are able to make strong images, as the lords of weather and light smile upon us. In this case, The morning’s clouds where just beginning to clear, providing the perfect background to Ingrid’s lovely pose below.
Digital original
Made during a break in the session, this portrait was made as Ingrid sat in the shade of a rock; while we chatted, I noticed how the wind kept catching her hair, and sweeping it in front of her face. The next time it happened, I asked her not to move it away, and made photos instead.
Digital infrared original
The end of the session was spent working with the seaweed that was abundant along the edge of the ocean. Some models are hesitant to work with seaweed, fearing it contains all sorts of beasties, but Ingrid has no trepidation, and was more than happy to dive in. As we worked, the light became softer (a cloud had moved over the sun), and the hash contrast I'd been fighting all day dropped to a much more pleasant level, giving Ingrid's figure soft luminous glow. At the same time, the cloud-covered sun reflected in the water around her, giving a nice white highlight to the image.

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