May 16, 2007

Further Macro Explorations

Digital Original
In some ways I see my exploration and fascination with macro photograph to be parallel to my challenges of working in with digital cameras in colour - having worked for years in a black & white, making images that work in colour is not easy. Many of the approaches and assumptions I have used for years must be set aside when working in colour, and it is the same with macro photography.
Digital Original, 2 frame focus stitch
Having worked out that I almost always prefer shallow depth of field to deep, I have been really focusing on the question of where to focus, which brought up an interesting question: why should I be limited to using just one image to determine where to focus. So, with these last two images, I decided to experiment with blending together two images of the same scene, with different points of focus. I am really pleased with the results, and will have to see how far I can push this idea.
Digital Original, 2 frame focus stitch

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