May 08, 2007

A Spring Session with Christine

Digital infrared original
I would never have said I could have made a successful image under a highway overpass, but desperation leads to invention - this session was so sunny that we drove for twenty minutes to find shade - in this case, under a highway bridge.
Digital original

In addition to focusing on the body against the concrete structure, we made a number of portraits below the bridge, taking advantage of the shade it provided. Portraits rely so much on the connection between the model and the photographer, and this one is no exception, but in this case, there is also a certain magic coming from the subtle motion which makes the results really pleasing.
Digital infrared original, 36 frame stitch
After exhausting the potential under the highway bridge, Christine and I moved further down the railway track (the reason for bridge), and found a beautiful rock shelf that provided the perfect setting for an image set against the forest rising behind. I use a 120mm lens to make the source images for this composition, taking advantage of the limited depth of field of the longer lens to separate Christine's figure fro the foliage behind.

There are some settings where working with infrared has only a subtle influence on the results, but in this case, with the dark evergreen trees surrounding Christine, infrared took what would have been a dark and murky setting, and created something quite luminous, which works beautifully with Christine’s fair hair.

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