March 25, 2007

Nicole's First session

Digital infrared original
The primary goal of a first session is pleasing the models, and gaining their confidence with the process, but when I can combined that with creating strong portraits like this one, it is a good session indeed! Nicole was introduced to my work by Miranda, and after meeting to discuss things, we set a date to work together.
Digital infrared original
This entire session was spent with Nicole posing on a couch covered with a white sheet; the light was perfect to work with, flooding across Nicole 's figure, and providing beautiful soft highlights and shadows.
Digital infrared original
Even through I have worked with digital for four years now, I still find making images in colour challenging - it is so much more complex than working in black & white. One of the few situations in which I really feel I can work well in colour is when it is relatively monochromatic - and filling the frame with skin does just that.

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