February 28, 2007

Another Session with Ingrid and Skulls

Digital infrared original
This session was an oddity for Ingrid and I; so much of our work together is focused on bodies in landscape that it is unusually for the two of us to work together indoors. A month earlier, we had spent some time working with some small skulls, and this session was planned as a continuation of that approach.
Digital infrared original
Much of the first half of the session was spent focused on portraits - Ingrid's comfort with modeling really comes across in portraits, and the natural luminosity of the infrared camera worked well with the white sheets Ingrid posed upon.
Digital original, 3 frame stitch
The end of the session had us returning to the skulls, but this time, I worked with a little more distance, emphasizing the delicate scale of the skulls against Ingrid's body.

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