March 26, 2007

Brittany's First Session

Digital original
I always enjoy first sessions with new (or even experienced) models; there is always the question of what will emerge from the blend of what the model brings to the session, and where I am at the time. For me, often recent sessions influence the work, part of the continuous evolution of my creative process, while for the models, the could be any number of elements influencing their day, an colouring the photo session.
Digital original
I have a deep, and seeming unending love for placing lips in the bottom corners of indoor nudes…

Brittany is a photo student who approached me about working together because of her interest in photography over all, and attraction to the work I do. We decided to begin with an indoor session more because of the time of the year than an actual desire to work inside - late March in Nova Scotia is too cool for even the hardiest of models.
Digital original, 6 frame stitch
On the whole, the session went well - as usual I opted to work on the white sheets, which I find lends a uniformity to all my indoor work; even with studio lighting, the space looks consistent from session to session. As is the default for first session, most of the images focused on the face as much as the body, celebrating both Brittany, and the Nude at the same time.

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