July 14, 2005

Miranda XIII

This was the most frustrating day of the New Brunswick portfolio – it dawned with the tail end of a tropical storm washing over New Brunswick , and rain and wind forecast for the entire province. Still, Miranda and I set out in the morning with the optimistic goal of driving until we found somewhere where it wasn't raining. This turned out to be more futile than I'd imagined, and by the end of the day, we returned to Moncton, a little disheartened, and 650km further along on the car's mileage.
Digital original, 26 frame stitch
All that being said, we did manage to work in one location - a tree-filled vallery between two low rolling hills. The rain never really stopped at any time during the day, but for this breif period, it was light enough that Miranda said she didn't mind working on a single pose, just so we could say we did one image over the day.
Digital infrared original, 25 frame stitch
In part because of the rain, the light was unusually soft in the river-valley, and this particular space, right by the dirt road we'd driven up on, was somewhat sheltered from the rain by the overhanging trees. I pre-stitched the entire composition (4 rows of 6 frames each row) with both cameras before asking Miranda to take the pose (she was hiding from the drizzle in the car), ensuring that she'd be exposed to the elements for the minimum of time. Once I was ready, Miranda dashed from the car to under the trees, and worked through a variety of poses, and then repeated the process for the second digital camera. In less than a handful of minutes, the images were made, and Miranda was back into the car, boosting the head and getting her clothes back ok.

And the best news of the day was that the images all worked - especially in the infrared, the magical quality of the rainy day translated beautifully into the final image.

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