February 05, 2002

Miranda in a White Room (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm negative

The series I call Thalamus began more then two years before this session, and yet I still find myself engaged by the beauty and simplicity that the Thalamus images contain. In some ways, these images are my most deliberate, premeditated images, yet they still keep the spontaneity element that I strive to generate. Working within a very basic set of parameters; a white sheet diffusing natural day light, a single model working on a bed or pull-out-couch, and images created with a narrow focus range, the results can vary widely, based as much upon the individual I am working with as the changing of the light, from one day to the next.
35mm negative
With Miranda, this session seemed almost an extension of our previous indoor session with her and Trav then an entirely new session. The light was wonderful, and Miranda as always was keen and enthusiastic, which is an interesting combination given that most of the session simply involved her lying around on the bed while I refined compositions and made exposures. The session was Miranda's first time modeling on her own indoors, and while I knew she would have no problem with the slightly different dynamic, it did serve to remind me of how much potential the human body on its own contains. I've been working so much with couples lately that I had forgotten the energy and brilliance of a well composed image of a single body can contain.
6x9 cm transparency film
This was one of my best indoor sessions of the year to date, not because of the results we generated, but simply because of the pace of the session. We worked over several hours in the afternoon, and came to and end before the light had faded altogether. The images came easily and seamlessly over the entire session, and nothing seemed hurried or rushed. While having restrictions on time is both a reality, and sometimes even a motivator, the luxury of having all the time you need to make the work before you is wonderful. The end of this session came when all the images had been made, and I was satisfied that nothing more could be gained by continuing.

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