February 21, 2002

Miles and J_ in the Studio (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Though I've worked with Miles and J_ numerous times outdoors, and indoors a couple of times with natural light, I've never worked with them in the studio. This was less by design then by accident, so I was very much looking forward to what would result from taking two models who I work with so well into a new environment.
6x7 cm film
After making some stock images for a new digital composite image I was planning, we shifted into a less orchestrated approach, working off what the studio light brought before my eyes, and what the two models, alone, or together, created. After working to a script, just improvising the poses, and making the images the lighting suggested was very enjoyable. More then ever, I realized how much my work relies upon intuition and spontaneity.
6x7 cm film
The best work of the session came from the images of Miles and J_ together, though the successes were not limited to images that focused specifically on the interplay between two lovers. In the middle of the session, while both models were working upon sheets laid upon the floor, Miles arched his torso to the side, trying to work out a kink that had set in with the previous pose. The lines of light flowing down his side were beautiful, and I asked him to repeat the pose, this time with J_ lying across his legs. The resulting images were very strong, playing as much on light and  form as they do on the nudity and intimacy that gave birth to the photographs.
6x7 cm film
Probably the most interesting result of the studio session was how strongly J_ disliked posing in the studio setting (as opposed to modelling outdoors). The pace of the work was different from what she is used to, and the bright light of the flashes going off she found annoying. Usually, when I speak of my studio work, I discuss it from the perspective of the image maker, but hearing her discuss
it made me realize that it can present just as many challenges for the subject.

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