February 03, 2002

Bili & Joe Indoors (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Bili and Joe came up to Halifax in the middle of the winter for a brief visit, but knowing they were coming, we'd planned to get in at least one session, to make the most of their presence.
35mm negative
My first images of Bili and Joe were also made indoors, in the winter of 1999, so the two models were more then familiar with my approach to indoor work. Over the intervening years, I've refined my approach and comfort with the style and changed from shooting transparencies to colour negative. This didn't really change the approach, but did affect the outcome, to some degree.
35mm negative
As with much of my indoor work, I set the models against a white sheet, lit from behind by a large window. This gave a beautiful luminous quality to the light, and provided beautiful description of the model's bodies.
35mm negative

Unlike the work we'd produced in 1999, these images are more based upon aesthetics then intimacy. Over and over, I built images that relied upon line and form, drawn to the wonderful juxtaposition of the two forms. I suspect this is rooted in the brevity of the Bili and Joe's visit; the session was short, and the only one we had time for. Generally I find it takes a session or two for models to get back into the flow of the process, even experienced ones. In the end, while it was more then easy to generate successful images with Bili and Joe, I suspect if we'd had time to work a second or third time, the work would have grown in

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