July 09, 2001

Cassandra, Nova Scotia X (Feltzen South, Nova Scotia)

35mm film
The close of the day was probably the most relaxing session for Cassandra of all the days we'd work together; while she reclined in a hot-tub, I photographed her, exploring the levels of distortion and reflection in the water, and later, while it was turned on, the total chaos of the bubbles in the water. It was next to impossible to pose Cassandra in the hot-tub, so most of the images simply consisted of the best composition and framing that I could manage in the moment.
35mm film
On the whole, over a full roll of colour images, only a couple were really successful; many failed because of the rapidly moving water, while others had Cassandra floating off the black fabric we used to hide the baby-blue colour of the tub shell. I think, with more preparation and consideration, very successful images would be possible in the hot-tub, but these images feel more like a first sketch then a finished vision of the space.

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