December 17, 1999

Friends Model Together (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

The evening before this session, I received a call from Anne, who knew of my work from a mutual friend. "Could you make some nude portraits of me tomorrow evening? I want some photos before the holidays!" she asked. In the middle of the December retail season, I was worked to the bone, but given how rare models have been of late,  I said sure, and we arranged to work in the studio the next evening after work.
6x6 cm film
Anne showed up with a friend, Kate, who was also interested in modeling, and we spent some time in a coffee shop before the session, looking over some of my work and discussing the process. Both were even more eager to model after seeing the work in person, so we adjourned to the studio, and began to make images. 
6x6 cm film
Often, the hardest part for a new model is the first moment of revelation; the act of taking clothes off is far harder than saying you will,  and it took a bit for Anne to get up the nerve. In the end, Kate joined her, the two of them realizing it is far easier to model together than alone. For the remainder of the session, I worked with the interplay between Anne and Kate; not partners, as most of my couples images are, but just two friends, modeling together. As opposed to an interplay of bodies, I worked more on juxtaposition, setting one against the other, and letting what evolved from that positioning happen naturally.
6x6 cm film
The results were very pleasing; in addition to a couple of strong images of each model, we managed to produce a very strong set of images of the two women, which focused more of womanhood than any sexuality. My favourite image, to the right, combines a wonderful serenity, in the face of Kate, with a shadowed torso of Anne. The tension between the two is wonderful, creating a difficult image to describe, but one which is instantly effective upon viewing.

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