December 28, 1999

A final Session for 1999 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm transparency film
My last session of 1999 was by far the most successful of the natural light sessions I did with Joe and Billie. Unlike the first session in the front room two days earlier, the sun was shining, and the light was perfect. This permitted me to use the slower speed Astia film, which is by far my favorite for skin-tones. It can not be overstated, the importance in selecting the right film for the right subject; and while this is true in black and white, it is doubly true for colour slide film.
35mm transparency film
It never ceases to amaze me the difference between the same room on an overcast afternoon, and a sunny one. Where before I was fighting to keep enough light on the models to work by, on this afternoon, there was more than enough light - occasionally I put my shutter-speed up to 1/250th of a second just to keep my focus as narrow as I like. The work went fast, and the models were running out of ideas for poses before I was out of film.

Where the first session in the front room with Joe and Billie left me with a couple of good images, and the feeling that I was on the right track, the second session, the second session gave me everything I was hoping for and more. The luminosity and glow which contributed so much to the Thalamus work was present throughout the session, and even some film tests I did with a Fuji 6x9 rangefinder turned out successfully.
6x9 cm transparency film
The flurry of photography initiated by Joe and Billie's arrival on Christmas day brought a wonderful close to my year. 47 rolls of 35mm and 120 film, and 12 sheets of 4x5 film were the results of more than thirteen hours of working over three days. The body of work we produced together has a consistency that is encouraging, while also opening areas of work with had previously only been ideas. The overwhelming success of the colour images over the black and white has left me somewhat baffled, but regardless, the final body of work is a great addition to my work as a whole.

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