December 28, 1999

A Second Couple's Shower Session (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm transparency film
The second shower session for Billie and Joe seemed to more promising than the first. The day was bright and sunny, which lead to there being four times as much light in the shower, which I thought would lead to better exposed images. In reality, all it did was increase the contrast; as the room was lit by a skylight, the model's heads and shoulders were better lit, along with anything else that was light from directly above. In contrast, everything else became empty shadows.
35mm transparency film
The only real success from the session, to the right, made it worthwhile, however, being the strongest of any of the shower nudes done with Billie and Joe. The crisp, sharp transparency captures every water drop with wonderful detail, almost in spite of the obvious film grain.
35mm transparency film
I suspect that I'll have to learn to work around the inherent contrast in the shower if I continue to explore this space. The encouragement of the few images that did work far exceeds the frustration for the failures.

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