April 06, 1998

The Old Power Station (Orono, Maine)

6x12 cm film
The penstock in which I worked with Lisa was the only accessible portion of the power plant. After she went back indoors to warm up, I stayed around the plant and made some images of the water-pipes that would once had directed the Stillwater River through the turbines.
4"x5" film
Working from a walk-way which went over the penstocks, I made eight images, drawn as much to the weathered metal and concrete as I was to the repeating curves and lines. I would have liked to have been able to get down into the trench where the pipes were, but the light was changing, and I wanted to head back to Laurel's, where Lisa went to warm up, and make some indoor images of her before the light left all together.
4"x5" film

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