April 06, 1998

Lisa Poses Indoors (Orono, Maine)

4"x5" film
I arrived at Laurel's to find Lisa curled up on the bed within comforters. Because we still had some time left after I had returned, we worked on some indoor available light nudes. As with the earlier outdoor work, Lisa's personality dominated the session; her direct response to the camera producing strong portraits, successful over and above the bodyscapes we also produced.
4"x5" film
Working with the nude in a setting such as a bed, which implies a certain degree of intimacy, has always been challenging for me. I've always been a little wary of work like this - it skirts a fine line which I am always leery of crossing. That indefinable quality which separates a strong, vivid portrait of an unclothed person from a soft-core magazine image is elusive and difficult to capture, but the closer I come to crossing, it seems, the stronger the images.
4"x5" film
In some ways a personal portrait of a Nude is the most compelling image of all, forcing the viewer to accept the humanity of the subject. The direct, comfortable gaze of Lisa pulls these images far past where they could lie, into something very powerful and open. The success of the work lies more in her comfort with the session than in anything my lenses or cameras produced. And as this the images of Leslie, the soft, open lighting of the day made the images all the stronger.

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