April 10, 1998

Another Session with Lisa (Orono, Maine)

35mm infrared film
The second indoor session with Lisa was radically different from the first. As the afternoon sun moved across the sky, and flooded through the windows and skylights, the light changed and shifted. The session was far more dynamic than the previous one - the directional light provoked image after image, where before I had to seek them out. Where the previous session with Chandler was slow and contemplative, the afternoon which followed with Lisa was the opposite, charged with the flowing sunlight. The work has a totally different feel and focus to it, and provides a nice counterpoint to the first indoor session with Lisa.
6x12 cm film
The nicest aspect of direct sunlight is the modelling of form it provides the Nude, giving definition of form and a depth to images that would appear flat under diffused lighting.
4"x5" film
The best lesson of the session was that very little infra-red radiation is lost through window-glass - I worked through two rolls of infra-red film, over-exposing in an attempt to compensate for the infra-red light that I thought would be lost to the windows. There was no need in the end, as far as I could tell there was no loss in exposure. The strength of the first image, again made with my 4"x5" view camera and the 75mm lens (equal to a 24mm lens on a 35mm camera), is more than met by the infra-reds

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